The Mustard Project has been collecting myths and memories of the 1968 campus events at the University of Essex since around 2007. It has involved conducting filmed oral history interviews with participants in the events, and the digitisation of archival documents held in the Albert Sloman University Library’s University Collection.

The project is a work in progress, that aims to establish a web resource for anyone interested either in the specific events at Essex, or in the history of student protest and 1968 more broadly.  A 50-minute pilot documentary film has also been completed detailing the background to the key flashpoint at Essex: the visit of a  research scientist from the Government’s laboratories at Porton Down, an establishment widely suspected of involvement in research into chemical and biological weapons (CBW) in use in Vietnam.

The project has been supported by a number of colleagues and friends within and beyond the University of Essex.

One comment

  1. I was there and remember some of it. It was toward the end of a somewhat wasted year as a graduate student in econimics. I returned to Wisconsin where I finally got my doctorate in 1972.

    I WAS RIGHT THERE WHERE A SUBSTANCE WAS TOSSED AT THE PD RESEARCHER. I can still hear the chant “CLOSE PORTON DOWN.” The participants I remember most are Raphael Halberstadt and Anna Mendelssohn.


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