Jumping off point for the archives!

More will be appearing here as the fiftieth anniversary progresses through May 2018 and beyond… This will include both top-level and more detailed information about the contents of boxes and any specific collections within them.

For now, just to note the principle sources for the digitisation project so far have been Box 8 (Committee of Enquiry freedom of speech submissions), Box 9 (Tribunal of Enquiry written evidence on the Inch incident), Box 14 (Information Officer Walter Evans’ Internal Documents collection), and Box 17 (transcripts of Tribunal of Enquiry hearings, and a collection relating to the May events deposited by Dr Ernest Rudd of the Department of Sociology.

Two further Boxes containing largely identical material have been drawn on occasionally to supplement the above: one is Box 16 (containing further materials deposited by Ernest Rudd), and the other is Box 15, which contains materials gathered and deposited by physicist T.P. Hughes.

Finally, just to mention an immense debt of gratitude to Ana Ferrand, Mitch Goodrum, and James Tague for their invaluable help with preparing the documents and the web archive; and to Nigel Cochrane and all the staff at the Albert Sloman University Library for their continued support and enthusiasm over a period of many years.