Box 9

Written evidence submitted to Tribunal of Enquiry and considered 24th May, 1968

  • Two tables of contents (one alphabetical by surname, the other ordered by item reference number) for the written submissions.
  • 79 hand written or typed submissions, including:
  • Account of invitation to Dr Inch at Porton Down, inc. timeline and summary of correspondence Ref 66.
  • Ref 4 includes a copy of the Indictment, annotated with names of speakers, “found lying around” and handed in to Senior Assistant Registrar Roy Butler.
  • Ref 35 includes copies of a promotional poster for Dr Inch’s lecture (“Visitors are Welcome” highlighted) and a pamphlet entitled “Oppose Chemical and Biological Warfare”, distributed around campus following the lecture.
  • Ref 73 is a compendium of identical statements re the condition of Jem Thomas’s spectacles from chemists and some porters and maintenance staff inc. W.C. Northage – “They appeared to be intact and were not bent parallel (with the lenses facing each other).” Compare Ref 77, though – another statement from porter Northage, this time that they were “slightly bent” when he received them at porters’ lodge. This is corroborated by Head Porter W. Davis (“bent to an angle of approximately 40 degrees”, Ref 79), who took them from Northage and passed them on to Maintenance Officer Mr R. S. Wyatt (by which time they were described as  “distorted inwards on the nose bridge and both arms were bent”, Ref 75).
  • Ref 78 is a transcript of the Chemical Society meeting itself, as far as David Adams (3rd-year chemical physicist) was able to tape it before the microphone lead was trodden on and the recording ends just before Dr Tillett introduces Dr Inch for a second time. Adams’ earlier statement (Ref 10) had already suggested names for some of the voices in this transcript, which records Dr Bowden telling the demonstrators they are entering a departmental meeting, and Dr Greenslade telling Raphael Halberstadt to stop smoking.

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