Box 12

Working Party on a Code of Conduct, February-May 1969

WPCC is identifiable as a forerunner of the ‘Membership Committee’ which attracted a large amount of hostility in the 1969-70 academic year and beyond for its actions in the Towers as well as its expulsion of students on academic grounds.

Copies and revisions of Disciplinary Procedures and regulations for Tower residence (December 1969-January 1970) are located in Box 13 of the University Collection; the ‘Revolutions’ folder in Box 15 also includes material on the more immediate context of the February 1969 ‘Festival of Revolution’, and the January occupation of the Printing and Computing Centres by students protesting the expulsion of Nigel Swingler and Raphael Halberstadt.

WPCC submissions folder (incomplete set of written submissions)

  • Alan Gibson’s proposed reforms, revolving around appointment of practising lawyer to handle complaints and proceedings (Ref 19)
  • Ref 20 is from a CFY Comparative Studies student Brian Martin proposing beefing up University’s own security services (rather than inviting police to patrol campus)
  • memo from the Assistant Housing Officer detailing common complaints from householders/landladies at University Lodgings, though accepts that very few have terminated contracts as a result of student misconduct or ingratitude (Ref 21)
  • pessimistic (solicited) submission from Michael Freeman/Ref 22
  • Mrs Elizabeth Harvey of Printing Centre recommends a slightly old-school approach (work to prove responsible attitude at first then follow code of conduct of senior students) to youthful letting off of steam/Ref 23
  • and a protest note from Harber, Jones, Thomas, Gonzales et al. proposes “community discipline” (Ref 24)
  • Ref 58 and Ref 59 are anonymous, widely distributed responses to enquiries following Powell’s visit.
  • Ref 60 is Colin Rogers’s motion to General Meeting opposing University disciplining of Powell (and other) protestors; copy annotated beautifully with full voting figures on each count.
  • Ref 61 is Senior Assistant Registrar Roy Butler’s memo to the Student Affairs Committee (November 1967): response to discussions of whether or not the Unversity should be held reposnsible for damage inflicted to student property by other students or their guests while on campus (as in Keith Ives student proposal from October 1967: Ref 62).
  • Ref 63 is letter from Dean of Students Alastair MacIntyre (dated 13th March, 1968) on disruption to Enoch Powell’s visit to campus on Friday 23rd February
  • Ref 64 is Butler again, this time to the Working Party on Code of Conduct; explains circulation and provenance of documents refs 58-63, all but the last circulated at request of Keith Ives; on the matter of loss or damage, amendment of regulation 7.2 in light of SAC’s consideration of refs 61 and 62.
  • Ref 66 is an issue of Wyvern (no. 46, February 14th 1969) with reflections on the Revolutionary Festival and an extended piece by Colin Rogers on Disciplinary Structures and proposed framework for handling all complaints. Also Rogers’ resignation as editor.