Box 14

Internal Documents folder

Information Officer Walter Evans’ numbered collection of documents circulating around the University of Essex to do with the May 1968 events, including documents by students, members of staff, the University and the Free University; also includes some transcripts of radio and television reporting from the campus.

  1. Ref 1 University Newsletter May 3rd: announcement of Inch lecture
  2. Ref 1a ‘Oppose CBW’ May 7th
  3. Ref 2 ‘Anglia News’ transcript May 8th: P Honeyman interviews Ian Brodie and ‘staff member’
  4. Ref 3 ‘The Porton Down Affair’ May 10th
  5. Ref 4 Triesman rustication letter May 10th
  6. Ref 5 Registrar’s account, ’Incidents at Wivenhoe House’ May 10
  7. Ref 6 University Press Release May 10th
  8. Ref 6a PR Notes (inc. account of Harber/Hex announcement in front of Telegraph journalist) May 10th
  9. Ref 7 Tony Barker General Assembly requisition May 10th
  10. Ref 8 Note by Evans on attempt to arrange dialogue between Sloman and Triesman May 10th
  11. Ref 9 ‘The Porton Down Affair Phase II’ May 10th (just!)
  12. Ref 10 ‘A statement’ (Andy Mack) distributed May 10th
  13. Ref 11 Press Release from Student Council May 11th
  14. Ref 12 ‘What is Germ Warfare?’ May 11th
  15. Ref 13 ‘CS Gas confirmed used by CRS in Paris’ May 11th
  16. Ref 14 Call for moratorium on University activity May 11th
  17. Ref 15 Letter from staff to VC May 12th
  18. Ref 16 Invitation to Monday 13th Meeting
  19. Ref 16b Call for University moratorium May 11th
  20. Ref 16c Rebuttal of Registrar’s account of ‘Events at Wivenhoe House’ Cf Ref 5 in this folder
  21. Ref 16d ‘You may think nothing has been happening over the weekend….’ May 13th
  22. Ref 17 Resolution from Sociology Dept. to VC May 13th
  23. Ref 18 May 13th Meeting resolutions passed
  24. Ref 19 Pete Archard response to May 13th speech by Maths Dept. member/letter to VC written before the Inch lecture explaining his decision and motivations
  25. Ref 20 Peter Archard statement on return to May 13th evening meeting following Hex debacle
  26. Ref 21 Report back to May 13th evening meeting from delegation of 6 returning from VC
  27. Ref 22 Motions passed at May 13th evening meeting
  28. Ref 23 Acting chair of Finance Committee A Blunt report on resolutions from May 13th morning and evening meetings – re hiring legal support
  29. Ref 24 Peter Archard Press Statement May 13th
  30. Ref 25 May 13th meeting statement of case against VC
  31. Ref 26 May 13th VC calls special meeting of Senate for May 15th
  32. Ref 27 May 14th ‘On Enlightened Disinterest’
  33. Ref 28 May 14th am Reddy and Barker call for informal meeting of staff for the afternoon in advance of tardy General Assembly the following Monday 20th, and in light of May 13th meetings and developments
  34. Ref 29 Declaration of ‘Free University’ May 14th plus schedule of talks and Teach-ins
  35. Refs 30-34 (inclusive) were apparently ‘not received’
  36. Ref 35 May 14th Free University CBW Teach-in resolutions
  37. Ref 36 May 14th Letter to Colchester
  38. Ref 37 Tony Barker memo on staff participation in May 13th meetings, and student (and press) admission to May 14th meeting
  39. Ref 38 May 14th Staff meeting/Thompson resolution typed from chair Tony King’s notes
  40. Ref 39 May 15th (pre-Senate meeting) ‘Why Only Reinstatement Will Do’
  41. Ref 40 May 15th legal advice to Brodie on suspension from Cunningham Son & Orfeur
  42. Ref 41 May 15th Tony Barker’s notes on open air meeting awaiting report back from Senate
  43. Ref 42 May 16th BBC ‘Today’ transcript Jean Goodman on waiting for Senate and insights into Free University (‘they don’t do very much except just discuss their policy and yesterday they held a seminar about improved press relationships’)
  44. Ref 43 May 16th report from Senate – early termination (by default/extra special meeting) of exclusion at this stage set to end May 22nd – also establishment of Committee of Inquiry
  45. Ref 44 May 16th Dixon Committee of Inquiry calling notice
  46. Ref 45 May 16th Free University meeting resolution/ultimatum re reinstatement, calling for Senate meeting Friday 17th before noon (signed Fred Twine)
  47. Ref 46 May 17th note re reconvening of Senate special meeting plus extra meeting for King C of E report – noted also that this meeting automatically terminated rustication of students
  48. Ref 47 May 17th University Press Release along similar lines to ref 46
  49. Ref 48 May 17th Free University resolution aiming to clarify that students are fully reinstated and to affirm absolute principle of natural justice
  50. Ref 49 May 18th Committee of Enquiry memo re membership and May 20th meeting re credentials
  51. Ref 50 May 20th Registrar memo re Senate’s clarification of terms of reference for C of E (nb subsequently sent to Alport by Gifford in attempt to convince him of T of E’s legitimacy)
  52. Ref 51 May 20th Registrar memo: exams as scheduled
  53. Ref 52 May 20th General Meeting resolutions (i) calls General Assembly for May 21st (7pm) to discuss structural reform; and (ii) requests Committee of Enquiry to get clarification from Alport and Butler re international conspiracy allegations
  54. Ref 53 May 20th BBC ‘Look East’: Tony Scase interviews Rick Coates and Sloman
  55. Ref 54 May 20th BBC ‘Town & Around’ transcript: Dennis Frost interviews Brian Downey and PVC Donald Davie
  56. Ref 55 May 21st Comparative Studies Common First Year student memo/petition re exams
  57. Ref 56 May 21st Keith Trace (C of E Chair) memo re Tribunal membership and call for submissions
  58. Ref 57 May 21st D Smith and M Gonzales motions to GM
  59. Ref 58 May 21st Gray Morris resolution re banning Part one and progress exams
  60. Ref 58a May 21st BBC ‘SE Regional News’ transcript: exams as scheduled, as boycotted; also on allegations by Lords Alport and Butler
  61. Ref 59 May 22nd record of a debacle over whether the day’s Senate meeting was open to students (as resolved at GA the previous week, plus attached notification as circulated) or not (also attached notices from Senate meeting room door)
  62. Ref 60 May 23rd BBC Radio 4 (2130-2200 hours) George Scott interview with Sloman transcript for ‘In the Public Eye’
  63. Ref 61 May 25th ‘Outlook’ (BBC?) Ronald Allison/Ellison interviews University Anglican Chaplain Rev. Malcolm France (who turns out to be pretty sympathetic to student plight)
  64. Ref 62 May 25th and 27th Dixon/Butler correspondence re Communist Party influence (ToE Ref 52)
  65. Ref 63 May 30th Blondel memo: modifications to exam questions in light of allegations of leaks
  66. Ref 64 May 30th Dixon T of E call for further subs re nature of planning meetings
  67. Ref 65 June 10th ‘Renewal of Free University’ call plus proposed programme of talks
  68. Ref 66 June 11th ‘Make a Desolation and Call it Peace’ by ‘June 16th Committee’, on Porton, science, international law and secrecy. This Committee is formed of members of the Socialist Society who organised a protest against CBW and Porton Down outside MoD for June 16th 1968