Tribunal Hearings: Tillett #1

I can only say that he was not in full possession of any possible rumours

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Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, J Tillett 27th-28th May 1968 Testimony

As Chair of the Chemical Society meeting hosting Dr Inch on 7th May, Tillett was the second witness to give oral testimony before the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events at that lecture (pp. 34-60 of transcripts); he answers questions on the Chemistry Department’s responses to rumours and plans for relocation, the issue of whether or not there were concerted attempts to prevent the demonstrators from attending the relocated lecture at Wivenhoe House, and the decision to remove Inch from the room as the indictment was being read

[Note: pp. 34-60 of the Tribunal transcripts are primarily from 27th May, but include six pages (pp. 44-49) intercalated from a further appearance by Tillett the following day; the material from the 28th is largely concerned with the issue of allowing or preventing demonstrators access to the Chemical Society meeting, and this appears to be the reason for its inclusion within this section of the transcripts; there are one or two similar issues with pagination and chronology in a handful of the other transcripts. Including his seconf appearance o the afternoon of 27th May, Tillett in fact appeared before the Tribunal on four separate occasions]

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