Tribunal Hearings: Busfield

there was someone, as it were, with Dr. Inch and I think if this is Dr. Bowden … It was not Dr. Bowden

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Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, J Busfield 30th May 1968 Testimony

Joan Busfield’s oral testimony before the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May, (pp. 292-296 of transcripts) clarifies some detail on one or two of the scuffles she witnessed in the Committee Room of Wivenhoe House, as Dr Inch’s lecture to the student Chemical Society was disrupted by protestors, and on the arrival of the police, which the sociologist subsequently observed from the car park outside the building; while remaining supportive of the demonstration and its aims, Busfield acknowledges that more thought might perhaps have been given as to how things might turn out, but also that demonstrations are inherently  quite unpredictable

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