Tribunal Hearings: Halberstadt

You have the misfortune of being a man who is easily identified

 File Author Date Document Type
Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, R Halberstadt 31st May 1968 Testimony

Halberstadt’s oral testimony before the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May (pp. 315-322 of transcripts) is largely taken up by the dynamics of the various waves of pushing, as demonstrators tried to get into the Committee Room of Wivenhoe House, as members of Chemistry staff tried to get Dr Inch out of his lecture to the student Chemical Society, and as the police tried to get into the lobby to get Inch out of Wivenhoe House altogether; Halberstadt also answers one or two questions around allegations of violence that had been made against him, and on the scene outside in the car park as police attempted two arrests

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