Box 8

Committee of Enquiry documents

  • Report of Tribunal of Enquiry (received by Committee 10th June).
  • Circular from Committee Chair Keith Trace (11th June) canvassing comments (deadline 17th June) on its three-part statement of principles regarding freedom of speech.
  • Report from Committee of Enquiry on principle of freedom of speech (24th June) including final page “Conclusions – A Minority View” signed by only five of the committee members, and expressing a much more conservative take on the events of 7th May.
  • The Committee of Enquiry Free Speech folder consists of responses to Trace’s circular; there are 47 in total, of which 39 are written letters, rather than simply brief statements of agreement/dissent regarding the three parts of the Committee’s statement; these brief statements are summarised in a single final document, stamped 40-47.
  1. Dorothy Forrester, Graduate student, Language Centre
  2. David B Butler, Sub-Librarian
  3. P W Edwards, Professor, Dept. of Literature
  4. A Barker, Dept. of Government
  5. D W Turberville, Barrister-at-Law (typed on Registrar’s Office notepaper)
  6. J M Dowden, Dept. of Mathematical Studies
  7. Jennifer S Murphy, 3rd-year Economics
  8. John N Bradley, Chair, Dep. Of Chemistry
  9. Malcolm Framce, Anglican Chaplain
  10. Alasdair MacIntryre, Professor, Dept. of Sociology
  11. Michael Freeman, Dept. of Government
  12. Simon Rowntree
  13. R Wolkowinski, Language Centre
  14. I R MacCallum, Dept. of Computing Science
  15. Peter Archard, Graduate student, Dept. of Government
  16. K E Russell, Graduate student, Contemporary Russian Language Analysis Project
  17. D E W Laidler, Dept. of Economics
  18. R G Lipsey, Chair, Dept. of Economics
  19. Ernest Rudd, Dept. of Sociology
  20. Susan Lowdon, 3rd-year Sociology
  21. A J Matheson, Dept. of Chemistry
  22. Noreen Elliott
  23. K F Bowden, Dept. of Computing Science
  24. Tudor Sprinks
  25. R N De Morgan and B O’Mahoney, Computing Centre
  26. D J Barber, Dept. of Physics
  27. Nigel Swingler, CFY (?)
  28. A R Holt, Dept. of Mathematics
  29. Geoffrey Hawthorn
  30. J G Tillett, Dept. of Chemistry
  31. D F Greenslade, Dept. of Chemistry
  32. T P P Hall, Dept. of Physics
  33. Donald Wesling, Dept. of Literature
  34. Colin Rogers
  35. K W Cattermole, Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering Science
  36. J Tilley, Dept. of Physics
  37. R S Tse
  38. Charles Posner (enc. text on restructuring at University of Paris also in Box 16)
  39. Manfred Gordon, Dept. of Chemistry
  40. Mrs E Barrett
  41. Michel Beuthe
  42. Dr G J Bullen
  43. Professor A F Gibson
  44. T P Hughes, Dept. of Physics
  45. M Parkin, Dept. of Economics
  46. R M G Roberts, Dept. of Chemistry
  47. Roger Smith