Tribunal Hearings: Bradley

It is alright to be wise after the event – I would have preferred it to have been moved right off the campus

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Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, J Bradley 27th May 1968 Testimony

Professor Bradley’s oral testimony before the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May is quite brief (pp. 60-64 of transcripts), owing to his absence from the University on the afternoon of the student Chemical Society meeting; he nonetheless discusses the title of Dr Inch’s lecture, the decision to move the lecture, and the

[Note: the question about the unfounded allegation refers to a remark made by Bradley in a letter to Committee of Enquiry ‘convenor and rapporteur’ Dr King of 17th May; it refers to an allegation made by student demonstrator Jem Thomas that Dr Bowden had damaged his spectacles during the demonstration. Bradley’s letter, subsequently incorporated into the written evidence for the Tribunal, had specifically requested that the allegation be investigated by the Committee; the written evidence also includes a number of near–identical statements, signed by chemists and maintenance staff, specifically denying the damage Thomas had claimed, and twelve of these are bundled as one submission of written evidence (Ref 73)]

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