Tribunal Hearings: Wyatt

All I can say is that I considered it a pretty horrible mess when I arrived

 File Author Date Document Type
Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, R Wyatt 27th & 30th May 1968 Testimony

This extract of Administrative Assistant/Maintenance Officer Reginald Wyatt’s oral testimony before the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May (pp. 77-91), comprises the first two of his three appearances: pp. 77-83 are transcribed from Thursday 30th, when he was questioned about the responses to rumours of a planned demonstration at Dr Inch’s lecture to the student Chemical Society, confirms that the police had been called and forewarned in advance of the meeting, and offers a vivid description of the scene in the Committee Room on his arrival; pp. 84-91 (from Monday 27th) covers the call to the police from Wivenhoe House, the extrication of Dr Inch, and the scene outside in the car park

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