Tribunal Evidence Ref 64: Halberstadt

I abandoned my dialogue… when I saw a stream of consciousness was flowing through the other door; I joined them

 File Author Date Document Type
Click to open R Halberstadt, student demonstrator 29th May 1968 Testimony

The last of the suspended students to offer a written submission to the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May was Raphael Halberstadt, who shows a clear awareness of other written evidence, and the contents of the Tribunal hearings, which were on their third day by 29th May; although away from campus during the planning of the demonstration, Halberstadt gives some detail about the incidents in the Committee Room at Wivenhoe House, as Dr Inch’s planned lecture to the student Chemical Society was disrupted by the student protestors; Halberstadt is unapoologetic about the demonstration, which, he claims ‘widened the conditions for free speech’ by enabling the flow of information

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