Tribunal Hearings: Gonzales

the question of leading parts does not arise

 File Author Date Document Type
Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, M Gonzales 28th & 29th May 1968 Testimony

Oral testimony from Mike Gonzales to the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May (pp. 251-261 of transcripts); chronologically, pp. 259-260 record a brief exchange on Thursday 28th, about the planning of the Porton Down demonstration, what may have been intended to happen, and what actually did happen, following the reading of the indictment to Dr Inch at his lecture to the student Chemical Society in Wivenhoe House; pp. 251-258, from the following day, go into more detail on these issues; on both occasions, Gonzales insists the intention was to ‘expand the discussion’

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