Tribunal Hearings: Smith

Q: Is there a definite stage at which the proceedings changed from being a fairly quite [sic] reading of the indictment to considerable confusion?

A: Yes.

 File Author Date Document Type
Click to open Tribunal of Enquiry, D Smith 31st May 1968 Testimony

Sociologist Dorothy Smith’s brief testimony before the Tribunal of Enquiry into the events of 7th May, (pp. 297-299 of transcripts) is largely taken up with clarifying specific timings; Smith holds to the claim, in her written testimony, that two men left the Committee Room of Wivenhoe House, and subsequently returned, as Dr Inch’s lecture to the student Chemical Society was being disrupted by the reading of the indictment against Porton Down and CBW, and before the ‘considerable confusion’ began in earnest

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